More than 10,000 real estate owners have already ordered the energy performance certificate from Neves & Ferrão. Why?

  • Because due to the effective control of the scheduling of visits, we are able to guarantee the delivery of energy certificates within 6 working days. If you wish, and upon charge, we can deliver the energy certificate within 24 hours;

  • Because we charge attractive prices without compromising the quality of energy certificates;

  • Because Energy Performance Certification experts are part of our staff and they are the only professionals who are able to visit and issue energy performance certificates;

  • Because we meet deadlines. Accept our invitation to visit our offices at Rua Prof. Abel Salazar, Loja 38A in Telheiras. We carry out systematic and anonymous satisfaction surveys, and in 2024 we obtained a 99% satisfaction yet again rating which we are proud of, and which we intend to maintain.


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Frequently asked questions

What is an energy performance certificate?

It is a document that classifies the energy performance of your property, from class A + to class F, where A + corresponds to a building with very good performance, as opposed to a building that gets the rating F.

In which situations is it necessary to obtain the energy performance certificate?

  • when you advertise the sale or lease of your property
  • when the City Council requests in order for you to obtain your house permit (licença de utilização)
  • when your Bank requests
  • it is necessary to apply to certain programs of the Environmental Fund

Who can issue energy performance certificates?

Only ADENE-qualified energy performance certification experts may assess buildings for energy performance, and issue the energy performance certificates. These are architects or engineers with professional experience of 5 years or more, specifically trained and evaluated by ADENE

Does an energy performance certification expert need to visit my property?

Yes. In order to make the energy assessment of the property, the expert will have to visit the property. The energy assessment process is straightforward: the expert visits the property and then performs the necessary calculations for issuing the energy certificate. You will receive your energy certificate within six business days after the visit or within 24 hours for an additional fee. The certificate is typically valid for 10 years.

What documents are required to issue the Energy Performance Certificate?

  • Caderneta Predial Urbana (copy)
  • Certidão do Registo Predial (copy) or, alternatively, it's access code

How much will I have to pay ADENE?

The ADENE tax for Apartments and Houses is (excluding VAT)

28,00€ - Typologies T0/V0 and T1/V1
40,50€ - Typologies T2/V2 and T3/V3
55,00€ - Typologies T4/V4 and T5/V5
65,00€ - Typologies T6/V6 or superior

The ADENE tax for Commerce and Services is (excluding VAT)

135,00€ - area equal to or less than 250m2
350,00€ - area greater than 250m2 and equal to or less than 500m2
750,00€ - area greater than 500m2 and equal to or less than 5000m2
950,00€ - area greater than 5000m2

Do the costs listed above include all that I will have to pay?

No. The costs above are only the ADENE tax. Furthermore, you will have to pay for our work and also VAT. Call us at this number 00351 962 196 699, we will give a free quote, full price, real time, including our work, the ADENE tax and VAT.

How do I find out the price and schedule a visit?

Contact us at 00351 962 196 699 between 9:00 and 6/7pm on business days. This is our preferred method and we are glad to speak English if you cannot speak Portuguese. Alternatively, reach out via Facebook Meta or Whatsapp. We also offer online scheduling and payment by clicking on the "buy certificate" green tab on our website (right side of the screen). If you only want to know the price, use the "free quote" green tab and we will contact you with and tell you/send you the price.

You can also correspond with us through

Allright, I've scheduled the visit. How long do I have to wait and what do I have to do now?

Be present or have someone at the specified address, date, and time you provided. You will receive our invoice via email, along with a request for documentation, typically the caderneta predial urbana and the certidão da conservatória do registo predial

Send us the required documentation. Please note that our timeline starts only after three conditions are met: the visit has been conducted, payment has been made, and complete documentation has been provided. After these three requirements have been met, our typical deadline is either 6 business days or 24 hours in case you have specifically requested urgency

How can I pay?

Via Bank transfer to the IBAN that we will or have provided in the email that we sent you with the invoice, or in the invoice itself. Also in cash if you wish to visit us at Rua Professor Abel Salazar, Loja 38A, 1600-819 LISBOA, PORTUGAL.

If you prefer to schedule and pay online, you will be given the choice to pay through Multibanco, MB WAY or credit card, under the strict supervision of IFTHENPAY.

The visit has taken place, I've submitted the documentation and made the payment. Now what?

Please hold while we do the rest of our job. If you are at this stage, it means that your energy performance certificate is being calculated or is on a queue to be calculated and as soon as it is ready and available, we will send it to you via the email and to the email that you provided. You can always call us to find out what stage your energy performance certificate is in at the moment, we are glad to inform you every business day between 9:00 and 18/19pm.

I have received my energy performance certificate, is the process over?

Yes. Take some time to rate us if you wish to. When we send you the energy performance certificate, we will also provide you with an anonymous inquiry where you can rate us. We do read it, analyse and take it very seriously

What is the validity of the energy performance certificate?

In most cases the validity of the energy performance certificate is 10 years



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