Rita Neves is Responsible for the Energy Performance Certification Department of Neves & Ferrão.

We are the Energy Performance Certification Department of the company Neves & Ferrão, and we focus on providing inspections of our customer’s properties, to evaluate the energy efficiency of their home. We offer our customers recommendations on how to reduce energy usage, and then provide a certificate stating the energy efficiency grading of the home.

Energy Performance certificates are required for all home sales and rentals, and our qualified personnel will be more than happy to explain the process and the reasons that this certification is required. We operate mainly in Lisbon, where 3% of the market share is held by us, although we do have partnerships countrywide.

This department was founded in 2014, by Rita Neves, who was born in Lisbon, in the year 1978. Rita obtained her degree in architecture from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa. She specialized in AutoCAD and Studio MAX 3D, which prepared her for her professional career between 2002 and 2012 as a project architect, having developed several projects during this period and in several national companies. One of Neves & Ferrão's first collaborators, she joined the project when the company was still in its beginning stages - in October 2012.

Between 2012 and 2014, she continued to develop architectural projects until she embraced a new challenge, the founding and running of the Energy Performance Certification Department, an activity that she continues to do, to this day.

Traveling and snacking are among her favorite leisure activities and whenever she can, she is dedicated to furniture recycling as a hobby.

Her strategy is based on the sustainable growth of the Energy Performance Certification Department within Greater Lisbon.

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