Raúl Ferrão is the leader of the Energy Certification Department at Neves & Ferrão

We are the Energy Performance Certification Department of the company Neves & Ferrão, and our goal is the issuance of energy performance certificates. We conduct inspections of apartments, houses, shops, offices, and other buildings with the aim of assigning an energy certificate to the inspected property, along with its corresponding energy performance classification. Additionally, we provide our clients with recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption.

The energy certificate is mandatory for property sales and rentals, and our five qualified experts will be happy to explain when and why the energy certificate is required. Our main area of operation is Lisbon and around Lisbon, where we hold approximately 3% of the market share. However, we operate nationwide, including the mainland and islands. To date, we have issued over ten thousand energy performance certificates in Portugal.

Our team consists of five qualified experts who are in the field from Monday to Friday, supported by the office team, which includes Raúl Ferrão himself, Rita Neves, and Sara Aguiar. This team handles advertising, leads, planning, maintenance, production, and accounting.


Rita Neves and Sara Aguiar are part of the office team

The office work is what allows the field team (the qualified experts themselves) to focus on the core of their activity - conducting property visits and the subsequent calculation and issuance of certificates. Among our team of five experts, we have one of the first qualified experts in the country, Carlos Santos.

Our strategy is based on maximizing customer satisfaction (many of them private owners, as well as real estate consultants, some contractors, and some institutional clients) while ensuring a continuous flow of work, not only for our direct team of five experts but also for our external partners.

If you would like to know more about us feel free to call us at the number 00351 962 196 699.


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