More Sustainable Buildings Support Program 2023


What is this Support Program?

The More Sustainable Buildings Support Program is a government-implemented initiative aimed at making the homes of Portuguese citizens more energy-efficient and sustainable. This support has allocated a total amount of 30 million euros. Through this program, it is possible to secure funding of up to 85% for investments in products that promote energy efficiency in homes (excluding VAT).

Applications have been open since August 16, 2023, and will continue until 5:59 PM on October 31, 2023, or until the allocated resources are exhausted.

To apply, complete the available form here.


Mandatory documents  at the time of application:

Candidate-related documentation:

  • Identification (Citizen Card Number or Identity Card and Fiscal Identification Number);
  • Banking Identification Number (IBAN) and corresponding proof, dated within the last year, containing the account holder's name.

Application-related documentation:

  • Copy of the Urban Property Register (CPU), with an update date of 6 months or less at the time of submission, explicitly indicating the candidate's property ownership;
  • Invoices and respective receipts dated on or after May 1, 2022, with the candidate's Tax Identification Number (NIF) and detailed breakdown of all expenses;
  • Copy of a valid energy performance certificate of the property (get yours  here), issued by a qualified expert from the Energy Certification System for Buildings (SCE) before and after the renovation(s), when the supported amount is 5,000€ (five thousand euros) or more;
  • Photographs of the property undergoing intervention and the equipment, before and after the implementation of the project(s).

Documentation related to windows installation:

  • Energy label per window, each with a distinct and unique serial number (CLASS+ ID).

Documentation related to heat pumps:

  • Declaration of CE marking for installed equipment;
  • Certificate from the company and the technician(s) authorized to handle fluorinated gases (only for heat pumps);
  • Energy label of the system or equipment equal to or higher than "A+".

Documentation related to self-consumption solar panels:

  • Recognition document (issued by DGEG) of the Responsible Technician for Private Electrical Installations;
  • Proof of completion of the applicable prior control procedure, especially the prior notification for systems up to 30 kW (Proof of Simple Prior Notification).


Is it possible to pay in installments under the scope of the program?

It is not possible. As one of the requirements is installation and the corresponding payment, documented by means of an invoice, it is only possible to acquire the equipment through full payment at the time of purchase, following the program's guidelines.


What are the limits per applicant and per building/autonomous unit?

Only individuals who are owners and permanently reside in the property are considered eligible. Each recipient is entitled to a maximum total incentive of 7,500€ (seven thousand five hundred euros) per building / autonomous unit, minus the amounts supported in the 2nd phase of the previous More Sustainable Buildings Support Program.


Is a separate invoice required for the equipment purchase?

It's not mandatory. However, it is necessary for all costs to be itemized on the invoice.


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